Angels are the remnants of the Isobel Empire, named for the supposed founder, Isobel the Conqueror.


The Angel approach to architecture is very austere. They generally build rectangular structures with chamfered vertical corners, generally left open on the East and West sides to the elements. They rarely use archs or curves, and don't generally use spires except on barracks which double as look out points.

Prominent Figures

The Serraphima -
First of the Angels and the only one to have blue wings. She rarely strays far from the capital, but when in battle she wields her halberd with deadly skill.

Name Pending -
The commander of the Angels on Almony. Despite being almost a million years old she has only recently risen to the title of commander. The general flavor of her strategy is very patient. She has placed herself far from Ventrair, waiting for either the Demons or the Ventrairian Defenders to over-extend themselves.

Recent Events

One Week Ago -
The demons laid siege to the capitol. The youngest Angel warriors have been falling as chaff before the Demon onslaught, however the Demons have lost significantly greater numbers as they've been using fresh crafts as dog soldiers.

One Year Ago -
The great factories closed their doors. The Angels have officially run out of liquid biomass, preventing them from creating any more troops without dismantaling already over extended infrastructure.

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