(Currency, Crafting Resource, and Character Progression)

The purpose of Biomass is to create a fluid economic influence that is prevalent on every level of a players time. A large part of the goal of biomass is to allow the player to choose between a variety of professions without sacrificing their feeling of character progression and choice.

Biomass is the basic resource used for:
Basic Component in Armor
Basic Component in Weapons
Point Buy System for Skills

Technical Info

Biomass is a gelatinous fluid created from organic matter and life element.

When used in a Golem, it coalesces around a hyper dense core infused with life element. The core is the actual being of the golem, the biomass is merely an extension. Each epidermal cell in a golem is equipped with weak sensory feedback, meaning they are capable of seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting with their skin.

When combined with a metal, Biomass will absorb and improve the qualities of the base metal. For instance combined with steel it will become both stronger and more flexible, where as combined with gold it will be super conductive and soft, but still much stronger than common steel.

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