Combat Model

Basic Combat Concepts

  • A character fights using player predefined Combinations
  • A combo has 5 Tiers
  • Each Tier has a certain number of slots that a player can fill with 'moves' from known Schools of Combat
  • Each slot on a Tier will represent a possible move during combo execution.
  • Example:
  • Player A has 4 predefined combos. She executes Combo #2 by pressing the '2' key on her keyboard. A small timer starts as her character executes the Tier 1 Move from Combo-2. When the timer is up, she must press the '1'-'5' key to select the next move from the 5 options of the second Tier of Combo-2. She selects '3'. Again, a small timer starts. This process continues until her character completes the Tier 5 of Combo-2. At this point she can break the combo and use another, or begin another cycle through Combo-2

Damage Types / Resistance Types

  • Piercing
  • Slashing
  • Crushing
  • Energy
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