Early Golden Age

The Golden Age opens with the creation of the first human empire. The Empire of Tsuta. To the East, across the Broken Plains lie the twin Svetteggan empires, Nortas and Firgalas.

As the nomadic humans were pushed further and further west by Svetteggan expansion they began to expand into the White Hills, home to a tribe of Al-Raab worshiping Angreal. The Angreal taught the humans the secrets of farming and building in exchange for being left unmolested in their hillside homes. With this knowledge The Empire of Tsuta was first formed as it began to incorporate more of the nomad nations together with the intention of reclaiming the Eastern half of the Broken Plains.

After a myriad of wars the Humans finally retook the plains. This ushered in the Middle Golden Age, where the humans began more aggressive expansion.

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