Project Progress Tracker

Current Status

  • Project Status:
    • Pre-Alpha
  • Tasking List:
    • Sara P. : Re-Organize & Add Detail to Game Conceptual Design. This is critical to nearly ALL Proof of concept endeavors!
    • David L.: Re-factor Documentation. Develop Project Pathing. Get up to speed on Shattered World Lore.

Project Specifics

  • multiverse is the Framework to be used for Shattered World.
  • SVN repository for both the Code and Assets Repository: TDB
  • Eclipse+Subclipse is the IDE to be used for Shattered World.
  • Maya and Blender are the 3D Modeling Applications to be used for Shattered World.

Project Milestones

  • Implement Proof of Concepts for game Models (Milestone 1)
  • Achieve Alpha status (Milestone 2)
    • Implementation of each Game Model to its specific Alpha SubMilestone
    • SubMilestones TDB
  • Achieve Beta status (Milestone 3)
  • Execute Closed Beta Testing Cycle (Milestone 4)
  • Execute Open Beta Testing Cycle (Milestone 5)
  • Complete final QA and push 1.0 Release to live servers (Milestone 6)
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