Rebound is a game invented by the Ventrairians to help the transition from constant warring to relative peace.

A single hoop is suspended about ten meters above a circular field twenty meters across. Eight pillars surround the hoop in the cardinal directions. Two teams of six players attempt to drop a ball through the hoop, with the last team to touch the ball being the one to gain the point. Players are allowed to touch the ball for only .4 seconds at a time and four times in a row. Though there is a large library of different types of fouls, for simplicities sake it can be summed up as never touch another player with the intent to harm them.

There are four teams in Ventrair:
East Ventrair (Claws)
West Ventrair (Fangs)
The City Guard (Horns)
The Mercenarium (Tails)

The Fangs were the intercity champions last season, the current season has not yet begun.

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