The First Project

The First Project:


Create an MMO using four of the hand to hand styles from Shattered World in a mixed martial arts setting. Capoeira, Wushu, Muay Thai and Soft Wrist will be the four styles. Players will face off against each other in arena combat, but can also declare duels against each other at any point. Participation will earn them points they can put towards buying new moves to add to their current combo chains.

All players start off as masters of one branch of one school and may buy moves from any school. Combo chains are automatically generated based on the moves the character has available. Pressing the key for the appropriate option will activate the next move in that form of the combo. Each school has four branches with one master move, only combos containing master moves from complimentary schools can be on our combo bar. Each master move is strong in certain circumstances and weak in others.

Player customization is the most time consuming and least transferable part, so probably best to charge for that on a microtransaction basis.

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