To Do List

As of 10/15/08

For the Wiki

  • Complete Front Page
  • Complete Age Overviews
  • Complete Empire Overviews
  • Complete Hero Profiles for all Ages

For SW and Related Projects:

  • Modify Combat Plug-in to support my own stats
  • Modify AI to support my overall goals.
  • Create CPU simulation

Information Management (Added by Claymore)

  • Consider moving the wiki and all other developmental sites to a private environment to prevent/minimize IP concepts theft.

SW Game Design (Added by Claymore)

  • Formalize Design via complete documentation
    • Design Basic then Detailed Economic And Resource Model
      • Currency Types
      • Conversion rates & methods
      • Sources & Sinks for each currency type (both conceptual and physical)
    • Design Basic then Detailed Character Model
      • Gender/race options
      • Character Skill paths
      • Character Physical Upgrade options
    • Design Basic then Detailed Combat Model
      • Damage Types & Sources
      • Damage Mitigation Types & Sources
      • Weapon Skills/Power, recycle/Cooldown, and applicability.
    • Design Basic then Detailed Social Networking Model
      • Chat channels
      • External Chat Application
      • Website, forums, wiki
    • Design Basic then Detailed Environment Model
      • Background, History, Prequel <=Currently 'complete', however subject to change at authors will.
      • Define Game Start Setting
      • Define Game Plot Path, if applicable
    • Design Basic then Detailed GUI layout.
      • TBD - Driven mainly by the Eco, Char, Combat, Soc and Env models.

Multiverse Specific Items (Added by Claymore)

  • Move Server Loaders over to Java from Python
  • Move Data Loaders over to Java from Python
  • Setup Custom Java DB access
  • Create Web App for editing Templates, Professions, Skills, Mob Templates, etc, etc, etc.


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