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Middle Golden Age

I don't have much specific to say here. One Svettegan Empire falls at the beginning of this Age, and the other at the end, one new human empire is created.

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Culture tips:
The Svettegan are narcissistic and have an endless greed for wealth. They consider the Angreal to be living sculpture gifted to them by the gods, and have outlawed property ownership, manual labor and clothing for Angreal within their realm. Their technology is more advanced than that of the other races, being comparable to the early steel age of Earth.

The Angreal are generally neutral in the battles between the Svettegan and the humans, but will more likely come to human aid than Svettegan. They generally prefer to remain in the hills and mountains of their ancestral homes and will fight to the last to retain ownership of them. They all worship a variation of Al-Raab, the sun god, and believe they were placed in their current location by him/her/it personally. Their battle style is generally based on a heavily armored sarissa phalanx out front, with flying harassers and archers tearing at their enemy's flanks.

The Humans are generally of nomadic origin, having only learned farming in the Early Golden Age. Still by the end of the middle age they have established a second empire to the north and are swiftly becoming a formidable power in the region. They have only recently discovered iron.

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